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Due to the very small margins - I have stopped reselling products, apologies.

Studio and commercial photographers will find the Wacom Intuos Pro 5 an essential part of their workflow - a tablet for life.
Bluetooth, customisable for lefties and righties, please exert 2048 levels of pressure...

  • right handed or left handed optimised!
  • 10 pen nibs in holder to make it "feel" better!
  • touch ring lets you zoom in or out
  • touch ring lets you cycle through layers!
  • touch ring lets you increase or decrease brush sizes
  • touch ring lets you rotate canvas
  • or customise touch ring to your liking
  • buttons highlighted on screen
  • if you draw - increased sensitivity, even the eraser!
  • all express keys are configurable to most of your wishes

    intuos 5wacom logo

Fluid Mask® - an image therapy that works!!! Albany studios uses this very often.....
Cutting out around hair, leaves in landscapes, animals, people and objects, Fluid Mask® makes it as painles as possible, fast and efficient. No hours with a pentool but minutes for the creation for a flawless cut out.

Buy Fluid Mask
Vertus: Fluid Mask cut-out tool


Software sales are returning so little margins that I stopped reselling software products on a big scale, will now handle the odd individual query and happily demonstrate various software programs and hardware like the Wacom Tablet.

Make an appointment with me if you like a "hands on" experience. Some retailers are not able to do that



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niks software

An example of my image using
Niks software, sharpener, color effex , viveza and define.

And the polaroid edge is created by JohnD'Esq