Top Studios in Albany

Located in the North of the Waitermata Harbour, Albany is one of the northernmost outskirts of the adjoining Auckland metropolitan area, New Zealand. About 15km from the city centre- Auckland, most parts of Albany are still semi-urban. Originally called Lucas Creek, it was renamed to Albany is 1890; it has been a small town running its own affairs until recently where it is seemingly growing and expanding. Asides tourism and other activities, photography is rearing a positive head in the small town too. Below are some of the top photography studios in Albany:

Hollow & Co. Studios

Focused majorly on wedding celebrations, the Hollows & Co are specialists in videography and fine art photography. They undertake both local and international photography projects. Their services include: Wedding Videography, Wedding Photography

Lionel Tan Photography

Known for their unique style of appealing changing compositions and landscape photography, they are professionals in wedding event coverage. Their services include: Engagement Photography, Nighttime Photography, Pre-wedding shots, Customized Online Image Album, Wedding Albums, and Wedding Photo Coverage.

Lightscript Studios

Mainly focused on traditional wedding ceremonies in and out of Albany and in all Auckland, they do their best to ensure client satisfaction. Their services include: Wedding Car Hire, Wedding Photography, and Wedding Coverage.

Jessica Studios

An independently owned studio, this spot is ideal for family and wedding photos. They have a unique way of capturing the best expressions in a natural way. Their services include: Pregnancy Photography, Newborns Portrait, Wedding photography, Family Portraits,

Anna Phillip Photography

Wedding events goes perfect with this studio as they effortlessly capture every story behind the lives of the couples. They charge $2,800 for a full day reception coverage including a complete photo album collection. Their services include: Engagement Shoot, Image Online Album, and Wedding Photography.

Perspectives Studios

One of Albany’s foremost photography studios, they provide some of the best video coverage services around Auckland and the rest of the country. They charge $3,290 for complete cinema packages and $3,990 for a total time of 8 hours photography. Their services include: Wedding Cinema/videography with ‘same day edit’ feature, Wedding Photography

Chasewild Photography

One of the outstanding photography studios that serve both locals and international audience. They also offer photography classes too. Their services include: Elopements, Wedding Photography, and Engagement Photos

Nelly Newland Photography

Professionals in portraits which include individual, group and family portraits. Their photos are always unique and beautiful. Their services include: Actor Headshots, Family Portraits, Corporate Headshots, Stop Motion Wedding Video, and Wedding Photography.

Jesse & Jessie Photography

Great creators of beautiful photo and video themes, this studio serve Albany, Auckland and the rest of New Zealand. Their services include: Elopement Packages, Video Coverage, Wedding Photography and Destination Wedding Packages

Brydon Motion Studio & Photography

Corporate and wedding photo and video coverage services is their field of specialty. They are the best in underwater, poolside celebrations and beach wedding photography in the whole of Auckland. Their services include: Event Photography, Corporate Photography, Wedding Photography, Underwater Wedding Photography, and Video Coverage


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